work - An Overview

1. ideal to a superb workman. a workmanlike Angle. arbeiderhouding يَليق بالصّانِع الماهِر работнически profissional odborný fachmännisch regulær επαγγελματικόςprofesional, competente professionaalne شایسته ammattimainen professionnel כַּרָאוּי לְעוֹבֵד מִקצוֹעִי कामकाजी रुख koji se pristoji dobrom radniku szakszerű cocok bagi pekerja fagmannlegur professionale 職人らしい 직공다운 derantis geram darbininkui darbīgs; prasmīgs; praktisks yg wajar sbg pekerja ambachtelijkfagmessig, seriøsfachowy ماهرانه، استادانه profissional Professional­fe­sio­nist квалифицированный odborný, profesionálny strokoven stručan skicklig, kunnig ซึ่งมีฝีมือ; ซึ่งทำงานดี işçiye yaraşır 好工人應有的 майстерний کاریگری کا như một người thợ giỏi 好工人应有的

Android supports a touch monitor and is particularly hard to use without having a single. You should use a trackball for a few navigation, but practically every little thing is completed by way of touch.

work - cause to occur or to happen like a consequence; "I are not able to work a miracle"; "wreak havoc"; "deliver feedback"; "play a joke"; "The rain introduced relief for the drought-stricken space"

products and services - functionality of responsibilities or provision of Room and equipment practical to others; "the mayor tried out to take care of metropolis services"; "the clinical solutions are superb"

Four devices were being redesigned for 4.ninety last. Puerto Rico and Omicron Phi Each and every received a moderate revamp, intended to modernize their layouts and improve visitors circulation, and also their general Visible aesthetic.

Lookup as a result of for assignments that match your skills. Be sure to post your capabilities to your profile so folks hunting for your expertise can discover you. How am i able to retain the services of people today instantly?

work, make - commence along a route; "work just one's way more info throughout the crowd"; "make a person's way to the forest"

adjust point out, change - undergo a change or perhaps a transform of position or motion; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The individuals turned against the President when he stole the election"

all-natural philosophy, physics - the science of make any difference and Vitality as well as their interactions; "his preferred topic was physics"

to development toward and get ready for. Work up to the tricky workouts gradually. oorgaan na يَتَقَدَّم وَيَسْتَعِد работя към avançar aos poucos postupovat k sich hocharbeiten træne sig op til προχωρώ σταδιακά, προτετοιμάζομαι για preparar el terreno para valmistuma آماده شدن valmistautua progresser graduellement לְהִתקַדֵם בְּהַתמָדָה के लिए तैयारी करना ići prema, pripremati se beleéli magát vmibe maju menuju vinna sig upp í arrivare 徐々にもり上げる 열심히 일하다 pereiti prie (pakāpeniski) nonākt pie; sasniegt (augstāku pakāpi) bangkit; bersedia untuk; merangsang keinginan naar .

work - uncover the answer to (a dilemma or question) or realize the indicating of; "did you address the problem?"; "Work out your problems with the boss"; "this unpleasant scenario is not gonna work by itself out"; "did you have it?"; "Did you obtain my indicating?"; "He couldn't work The mathematics challenge"

In the approaching 12 months, Skype will focus on developing the program even more by giving supplemental support towards the developer community, especially in North The united states.

a. Something that is generated or accomplished with the exertion, exercise, or company of an individual or issue: This plan was the work of the prison mastermind. Erosion would be the work of wind, h2o, and time.

b. Slang An intensive beating or other extreme therapy. Made use of Together with the: took him outside the house and gave him the works.

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